・・・ from pop'n music 5 ★★★

(translation soon.)
It's a small sprite of MZD's head as an icon that appears on the character select screen. It's a more clean, lineless, but cropped version of the sprite used for the 'chara pop' mod. Name icon 'MZD' with blue font, thick red outline, and a secondary white outline.
MZD's portrait sprite that will appear on the character select.
                      He has his hands shoved into his pockets with a mischevious grin. A dark blue shadow is behind him, either giving a peace sign or pointing it's fingers upwards.
                      See 'Details' section for more descriptions.


the chara pop mod asset. It's a small 16-bit sprite of MZD's head with the corresponding outfit. He's grinning rather sinisterly. There's a sparkle in his sunglasses. the other chara pop mod asset. It's the same small, 16-bit sprite of MZD's head, with alternate colors. See 'Details' section for info.
a 2 framed animated paintbrush that is painting cyan, magenta, and yellow streaks.

Color Palette

outline #
hair color #
skin tone #




The 2P color for 5th MZD is reused for this remix. The only thing setting it apart is the screen in the background, bearing animations related to the remix. These feature another pop'n character, S.8. Taro. more info soon.


the song banner for 'Oedo Hanafubuki TEYAN-day MIX'.

this is a remix of "Oedo Hanafubuki" from pop'n music 2. more info soon.

♪Staff Comments



Note: these gifs were created by recording footage from "pop'n music peace". Because of this, there is no background asset and there are particles that are apart of the ui design, not the sprite itself.

gif description coming soon.


gif description coming soon.

GREAT (player misses)

gif description coming soon.

MISS (player hits)

gif description coming soon.

LOSE (player wins)

gif description coming soon.

WIN (player loses)

filler image that says 'will acquire soon...'.


filler image that says 'will acquire soon...'.


description coming soon.