MZD (LATIN) ・・・ from pop'n music 2 ★★★

A man called the Devil in the Roppongi district, or rather, the God of Pop'n.
Despite his looks he's rather caring, so for the characters who went on a trip, he'll endeavor on his own in their place…
there is no associated character select icon.name icon 'MZD' with blue font and thick red outline.
This palette of MZD's doesn't have it's own portrait sprite.


a 2 framed animated paintbrush that is painting cyan, magenta, and yellow streaks.

Color Palette

outline #362d9f
hair color #1e0516
skin tone #f28a50
hoodie, glasses frame #ff492f
inner shirt, sock stripe #fff234
hat, lens, hoodie, sock stripe #f07730
hoodie, socks #c1d1fd
shorts #624efb
shoes #62460d
shoe lining #ffffff
ring #888888
shadow #495208
aura #6fe311


MZD has short brown hair that ends just above the shoulders with long sideburns and a tanned skin tone. Clothing consists of the following; a cap, long-sleeved hoodie, a shirt underneath, shorts, tube socks and large sneakers.

The cap is blue while the hoodie has orange sleeves, hood and trimming. The body of the hoodie is white with the letters "HYS" written in blue on the chest. The white tube socks have two stripes near the cuff, which are red and blue. The sneakers are mainly black, with white trim and soles. MZD's accessories include a white ring on the left ring finger and orange frame sunglasses with blue lens.

The shadow behind MZD is a navy blue in the portrait. In the character icon it's purple and in the actual sprite, it's grayish blue. The body shape the shadow takes on is vaguely humanoid with two arms, which become thicker towards the wrists. Meanwhile, it has no legs— the torso is long and ends in a thinning curl at MZD's feet. It has two horns, pointed ears, and a wispy tuff of hair on it's head which resembles a pompadour.

For accessories, on it's wrists are spiked cuffs. It also appears as though it's shoulders are sharp and pointed out, implying it's wearing armor, such as pauldrons. Lastly, the shadow wields a three-pronged spear or trident.


This is MZD's color palette used to temporarily replace DON MOMMY in pop'n music 2. As such, this palette is based off of colors from Don Mommy's sprite. This was also a selectable character, but only during this version of the game (along with the other MZD replacement sprites). No unique name icon is used, instead the same name icon is shared with the associated 1P MZD (see the image above [soon]). The sprite also does not have it's own unique portrait, character select icon, nor chara pop icon. These are assets that were made and used in later versions of the game.

♪Designer Comments

(*** Designer comments did not come in until later versions of pop'n.)


Animations associated with FEVER WIN, OJAMA, and OJAMA DANCE are not available for this version of MZD simply because these were mechanics not used in this version of the game.