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Welcome to club MZD!
“This is the most happening place in pop'n WORLD! Here at club MZD, we hold huge parties every night. For all ages and genders, we thank you for coming. If you're lucky, you'll meet the guy in charge!”

This is an unofficial, fan-created website dedicated to providing all there is to know about MZD, a character from the rhythm game series, "pop'n music".
This website is both a documentation of everything MZD and also a personal shrine. *。

“Just wait until you see what we have in store for you...!!”
(Take me back to the entrance.)
“Each tracklist is meticulously planned and executed by the club owner. Interested in getting to know just who that person is?”

See here for MZD info and content distributed in-game or on other media types and materials. Most everything is canon and translated as accurately as possible, unless specified.

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“Even when the party's over, we hope you'll remember this experience for the rest of your life!”

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